Wireless Blocking Technologies and Solutions is specialized in blocking wireless communication.

In contrast with most suppliers, WBTS provides tailor-made solutions and mainly focuses its activities on prison facilities. WBTS is currently involved in various government assignments in several countries, European and non-European.

Our main product is MOTSIB . Click here for more information. .

MOTSIB is short for MObile Telephone SIgnal Blocking.

MOTSIB reinforces prison security by creating an extra barrier that blocks all unauthorized wireless communication frequencies and thus renders smuggled cellphones and smartphones useless.

MOTSIB is a programmable wideband modular blocking system, designed for indoor and outdoor application.
It can block any type of wireless communication.
The blocking is selective and does not interfere with GSM traffic outside the blocked area.

The blocking signals are in accordance with the (inter)national health regulations. MOTSIB remains within the limits that also apply for GSM operators and their base stations.

Site survey
All prisons are different (location, infrastructure, base transceiver stations, … ).
It is important to adapt the blocking strategy to the nature of the prison.
Without a site survey and project design study, a blocking project cannot succeed.

Monitoring of the system
To keep a close watch on each blocking project, system monitoring is included.
The prison authorities and WBTS (upon request) can remotely monitor the status of each unit.
A lot of actions can be taken through the software, so interventions on site can be reduced to a minimum.
Spectrum monitoring can be offered as well.

On-site maintenance
Regular visits to the prison are scheduled to carry out maintenance operations to ensure the efficiency of the blocking system.

We design and develop innovative high frequency products, RF modules, transceivers, etc. from hardware and software up to a complete working system.

With a group of experienced engineers, we can also provide consulting services to the wireless telecommunication industry as well as to other companies.

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